lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Memories at my high school

My school was too small and there were security cameras and a security guy watching all the doors of the classrooms, so it was pretty hard to scape and not to go to classes, when we got tired one friend of my and I used to lock up in a cublicle of the restrooms and listen to all the girls that went to urinate and we laught a lot from them :D

Memories on my Childhood

One time went I was 8 years old with my brother, we flooded all the living room to slide on the wet floor; the nana was so nervous that she started crying because we didn't listen to her and when my parents arrived my mom hit us with a belt and we were all naked and wet Hahahaha

My Dreams

Last week I had a dream about getting a tatto and the next day I went to Urbe but all of my friends all ready know that I got a tatto and everybody wanted to see it but every time I show my tatto it changes, I mean, it never was the same tatto xD